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Classified Ads

Classified Ads are accepted for marine related items only.

You can advertise your boat, jigs, fishing equipment, or practically anything, marine related.

Your cost is only $37 per ad. This includes up to 100 words and one photograph, color or black and white. And your ad will be displayed here for up to 1 full month or until your item is sold! (whichever comes first).

That's less than $9.25 a week!
Try to find a newspaper that will give you rates this low, with this kind of targeted audience.

Why Advertise with Us?     

1. You will find us at the top of all major search engines !!

2. We receive on average 3000 to 4000 unique hits per day

3. We have many popular sites linking to us

4. Visitors to our site are interested in boating, fishing, and marine activities in general


Where else are you going to find that kind of targeted (and interested) customers for your products?

  There is no other comparable forms of advertising!!!

To submit a classified ad to us, send your typed copy, a photograph, and check or money order to...

Stuart Morris
43 Hollywood Beach Road
Alton, NH 03809.


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