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Ice Fishing Safety Tips
From Rich Greenough's Ice Fishing Seminar

  • Attach a long cord to your sled. Not only does this make the sled easier to pull but should someone fall through the ice you can push the sled to them holding onto the line.
  • Carry two picks - spikes protruding from wooden hand holds - to help pull your way out if you should fall in.
  • If you should fall through the ice, once you spike your way out or are pulled out, don't stand - roll across the ice in the direction you came.
  • Carry a throwable seat cushion. It'll add to your seating comfort and give you something throw to someone fallen through.
  • Keep your auger covered. The blades are sharp, and can easily cut you, your dog or your children.
  • Spray vegetable oil on your auger and snowshoes. Snow won't stick and you won't cut yourself cleaning off the show.
  • Wear creepers. Slip on, or spiked shoes will keep you from slipping and falling on the ice.

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