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Fishin' with Captain Rich Greenough  

Warmer is good.
The old retail adage expounded the three most important things in retail: location, location and location. The three most important things in spring fishing are: temperature, temperature, and temperature. After the ice is gone the water begins getting warmer around the shoreline and in the shallow bays and harbors. It's this warmer water that increases the fish's metabolism expanding their feeding activities. If this water stayed in one place it would be easy to catch fish. Unfortunately this is not the case. The lake wind and current move this warmer water from location to location. Find this warmer water and you'll find the fish.


It was here yesterday... where did it go?
If you know you're going fishing Saturday, check the weather on the lake throughout the week If it's been warm on Wednesday and Thursday with light winds from the south and on Friday the wind blows from the north, try checking the south shore for the warmest water.


It's a Jungle out there...
Salmon eat smelt and smelt eat little smelt! That's pretty much a known fact. If you find the little smelt then you'll find the big smelt. Now we know salmon eat big smelt, so chances are you'll find the salmon. Turn up the contrast on your fish finder and look for what seems to be an underwater cloud. Check your downriggers for a clear like jelly sticking to the cable. This jelly is actually the small smelt that get stuck to your cables as you troll.


Speaking of salmon...
Hey... with this warm weather it's going to be hard to guess just when the fishin' will start gettin' good, but judgin' from previous years it should start around May 15-18. If you're near Malletts Bay check out the areas around Robinson's Point, the narrows between the inner and outer bay as well as the drop off at the mouth of the Malletts Bay Creek. Fish around 12'--15' feet and keep the speed down to around 1.2 to 1.6 knots.


Closer to Burlington, I really like the Red Rocks area. Last year we had many doubles, salmon, lakers and even a brown thrown in. Hey, it don't get no better than that.

An active outdoorsman, Rich enjoys ice-fishing and hunting and works for the US Fish and Wildlife Service as a Biological Technician on the Sea Lamprey Program. You can reach him at home by calling 802-878-5074, on the boat at 802-343-6054 or email him at surestrike@fishvermont.com Sure Strike Charters is on the web at www.fishvermont.com


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