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Fishin' with Captain Rich Greenough 7/23/1998

The fishin' looks like its going to start picking up in the broad lake. As of Wednesday the bait grouping are starting to show and I've noticed a few lake trout starting to rest on the bottom. If we don't get any more rain, things should start to get back to normal summer time conditions for lake trout and salmon. The NY side of the lake will most likely start producing fish with VT a few days later. The areas that still have mud are north of the Winooski River all the way up to Isle La Motte. As the rivers start to clear, the lake will begin to clean quickly. The rivers have dumped so much water into the lake that it is flowing quickly to the north.

Hopefully, as the water clears and the thermalcline gets back into order, some salmon should start to show up in the 35-55 foot range. Once again the best combination to run is a dodger fly with a spoon cheated over the top. So far I haven't caught any since the lake got so dirty, but I try every day and it will pay off eventually.

Keeping Cool on Hot days.

Keeping out of the sun and wearing a hat with a large brim will help keep you cool and keeps your ears from resembling a lobster… What I do when it gets really hot is to wet myself down on my shoulders. This helps draw the heat out of your body. Also a wet towel over you head will help. Remember to drink plenty of water (beer don't count) to keep those body fluids flowing. If you start feeling dizzy or queasy, it's a good time to terminate what you are doing and get cooled off. Head for the shallows and take a quick dip!

Mean Little Flies (they look like a housefly… but with big teeth)

They're back, and boy do they bite! The easiest way to keep them away from your boat is to mix up some bleach and water and sprinkle it on your deck and just swish it around and let it dry. You'll get used to the smell but the flies won't. In reality it seems to get rid of most of them and makes your fishing trip more enjoyable. They seem to be a little early this year by about two weeks.

Bass Fishing

The bass fishing has been kind of wild and crazy. One day you can't keep them off the hook, and the next day they are hard to come by. With this high water, when most people are camping this time of the year the bass have taken up camping as well. The bass are being caught in the flooded woods inside the weed beds. Where it was dry three weeks ago there is a foot or more of water. The bass seem to like the cleaner water back from the shore (sure is a crazy summer ain't it?). Fishing the holes in reed and weed beds has been very productive in the shallow areas. Flipping and pitching seem to be working the best using Texas rigs with worms and lizards.


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