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Fishin' with Captain Rich Greenough 7/30/1998

Lake Conditions (July 20, 1998)

The clarity of the lake is improving slowly. The fish I've caught in the last week have been a pale color. This is an indication of their surroundings. Their stomachs have little to no food in them, which means that the water is still murky and that the fish are still distressed and not feeding. I've been talking with some of the local divers and the water is beginning to clear up at the 50 to 70 feet level. They also tell me that the currents are still strong in many areas. This keeps the water stirred up and slows down the clarification process. The currents are strong due to the excess amount of water in the lake. The currents will keep you on your toes when you are trying to run at the correct speed. Depending which way you are going, with or against the current, your lure will be traveling at a different speed. This is where the speed and temperature probes are invaluable. The thermalcline is still at about 50 to 55 feet, so fish accordingly. I've still been doing the best fishing suspended above and below the thermalcline. (Salmon above and LT below)

What's New

I received some new lures from a fellow in New Jersey who has a new paint and coating process that looks very promising. I ran these lures over the weekend, running two or three out of the total of ten with 12 out of 13 hits coming out of these new lures. I call them "The Emil Lure" (Emil is the designers first name. He hasen't named them yet so I thought Emil Lure would be great. You can put them in your tackle box right next to the Harry Lure!). These lures have a very distinctive sparkly-type of flash that seems to get the salmon very excited. It looks like I should have been running these from the beginning of the season. Dealers should have them in the next two or three weeks. Check out the Harborwatch web page for a great color photo of these lures (www.harborwatch.com).


The Inland Sea has been producing some salmon. Although not hot and heavy, they are being caught at 55-65 feet. In the main lake, the salmon fishing is best at 40-50 feet down (above the thermalcline) running small spoons such as the Harry Lure, Emil Lure, Chucklets, Honey Bees and HiTechs. As the water clears the salmon should start to bite much better. I've found them in the main lake over deeper water, 150 to 300 feet. Be careful not to stray into the neighboring state's water without that state's license. There is no reciprocal agreement between states. As a reminder, 2/3's of the main lake is in the State of New York. The non-resident licenses for both states are in the mid thirty dollar range. If you find yourself fishing in the deeper water it is a good idea to get licenses in both states.

Lake Trout

The lake trout are very spotty. If you do find them they are also very spooky. If two or three boats are in the vicinity you can count on the fish not being there very long. The trout we have been getting lately have been at the 70-90 foot level (below the thermalcline). The water seems to be clearing here first. Things should pick up as the water clears over the next week or two, if we don't get anymore big dumps of rain. We don't need any more water……


The Bass have been hot one day and not the next. Talking to the guys who know, they tell me they have been downsizing their baits with improved success. The bigger baits perform best in shallow and wooded areas. Smallmouth bass in the open water areas have definitely been better on small baits like Roostertails and small spinner baits.
Good Luck and Good Fishin'



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