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Fishin' with Captain Rich Greenough

Early Fishing
This year the fishing is about three to four weeks earlier than last year. The variable water temperatures is making some of the fishing fairly difficult. If your familiar with the fishing conditions on Lake Champlain for mid-June you're probably doin' fairly well. This early weather sure makes it a challenge to catch fish.
The lake's thermal-cline has not set up yet. I've checked several areas on the lake and I'll keep you posted as to when it arrives. This water temperature profile will help you determine where and when to fish. Check back next week and hopefully we'll have the data you need.


Lake Trout:
Even though the weather is warm, there are still lakers near the surface. When the wind is blowing from an easterly direction make sure to fish the Vermont side. When it's blowin' from the west try the New York shore.
As it gets warmer and the wind isn't blowing they go deeper. Try bottom fishing in 30-70 feet of water. We've have good luck with stick-bates, in particular the Thundersticks and Storm Junior Thundersticks. You might try the Repella Husky Jerks, #14 Bombers and #100 and #200 Rebels. Most color patterns are working well. It's a good idea to run an assortment to find out which one is working the best. The fish seem to change their appetites from day to day.


They seem to be scattered up and down the entire Vermont side of the lake. We've had fairly good success out in front of the Winooski River. In the southern end try your luck near the Crown Point Bridge and Convese Bay. Shelburne Bay has been running hot and cold. My guess is there has been more traffic on the Bay than usual and this seems to spook the salmon.
We've been having good success with a tube fly with a 00 Dodger or an Abe and Al #8 flasher. Run 'em anywhere between 10 and 25 feet down on the down rigger. The platters that we've had success with are the 9-3 Mickey Finn, Joe Smelt, and Champlain Jane. At this time these tube flies are available only at the Classic Outfitters in the Staples Plaza in Burlington.
Good luck out there and hope to see 'ya on the water.

Rich Greenough has been a professional fishing guide on Lake Champlain since 1984 and works for the US Fish and Wildlife Service as a Biological Technician on the Sea Lamprey Program. You can reach him at home by calling 802-878-5074, on the boat at 802-343-6054 or email him at surestrike@fishvermont.com Sure Strike Charters is on the web at www.fishvermont.com



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