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Fishin' with Captain Rich Greenough  

Conditions Changing
The conditions on the lake are changing rapidly, especially when there is a steady wind. Right now the lakes temperature is the same as it would be in the middle of June. It's been an early one this year!


Lake Trout:
Surface fishing is still good on the New York side from Whallon Bay north to Cumberland Head. The Lake Trout appear to be well scattered on the Vermont side. Some days they are on the bottom and then other days they're not. They'll probably be suspended for the next week or two before settling on the bottom for normal summer fishing. If we have a south wind and the surface drops below 50 degrees the chances are good that you will catch fish on the surface. So keep up to date on the winds. If you're fishing the bottom, look for fish in the 30-70 foot depth. The best bates for surface fishing are stick bates, Nils Masters Invincible being hot as of late. Keep trying a variety of colors. We are having luck anywhere from black and silver through the whole range of colors.


The Salmon have been moving a lot lately. They are in and out along the Burlington shore. Some days they are there and some days they are not. Ya just got keep lookin'. Keep an eye out for Sea Gull activity early and late in the day to help locate feeding fish. Beware that the Sea Gulls may be feeding over Cormorant activity, so don't be fooled by this activity.
St Albans Bay has been the hot spot and should be that way for the next week or two. When this slows down try the shore from St. Albans to Milton fishing down 12-21 feet. Small spoons and dodger fly setups are still working best.


The bass fishing is getting good in Malletts Bay. Remember its catch and release season, artificial bait only. The rocky shores and points have been good places to catch 3 lb Smallmouth Bass. Missisqoui Bay and the north end of the lake have begun to produce good Largemouth. Everything is running a bit earlier than normal due to the warmer weather.


Northern Pike:
The Northern Pike are out of the swamps and cruising to set up territories. Some nice ones are being caught in Malletts Bay and the Inland Sea.


Hint of the Week: Handling a land lock salmon.
If you can grab the fish by their tail and squeeze gently, it will cause the fish to stop moving. This eliminates excessive fish handling and increases the chances that you will be able to release the fish unharmed.

An active outdoorsman, Rich enjoys ice-fishing and hunting and works for the US Fish and Wildlife Service as a Biological Technician on the Sea Lamprey Program. You can reach him at home by calling 802-878-5074, on the boat at 802-343-6054 or email him at surestrike@fishvermont.com Sure Strike Charters is on the web at www.fishvermont.com



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