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Update on Lake Conditions

With the crazy weather we've been havin'… (If ya haven't noticed its been rainin' a bit lately) the fishing has been really different for this time of year. The water coming out of the rivers tends to be warmer than the water in the lake, which effects the fishing near the rivers. Once again, you need to pay attention to the wind direction.

As the river water enters the lake it will be pushed either to the north or south by the prevailing winds. Look for the mud lines at the mouth of the rivers and fish the edges for salmon. You will find these near any of the rivers. If there are no mud lines then look for a quick temp change and fish the edge of the temperature change. At the mouth of the Winooski River, with a southerly breeze, the mud line or temp line will flow north towards Colchester Point.

At the mouth of the Lamoille River in Outer Malletts Bay it will follow the shore from Robinsons Point to the railroad fill. Of course the water line coming out of the fill will flow into the lake and start to head north again. If the winds have been calm the flow should move toward the north. Remember the lake flows north.


They have become more and more scattered, but they could start to group near mud lines and temperature brakes. The salmon will be anywhere from 10 to 30 feet down, and if you are having trouble catchin' them with dodgers and flies, try running straight spoons and pick up your speed to between 2 and 3 mph. This varies from day to day as well as hour to hour. Expect to change tactics many times during the day. The hot lures in the past few day's; once again the Harry Lure… (sure is a stupid looking thing, but it works!) Eppinger Chucklet, small Honey Bees, Speedy Shines, Mooselooks, and Flash Kings are all working well. Dodgers flies are still working with best results running a cheater over the dodger fly.

Lake Trout

The lakers are still confused… I've been getting them anywhere from 10 to 110 feet down. They have not settled in to the bottom yet, but I expect that it will happen any day. When you do find them, they won't be there long so if you get 2 to 3 passes at them you'll be lucky. The lake trout get scared off by all the boat traffic. This will continue until they settle to the bottom. Oh and by the way, they will hit a dodger fly. I got a 9 pounder the other day at about 20 feet!

One area that has been producing good fish is from the Cumberlandhead Ferry, to north of the Sister Islands on both sides of the lake. This agrees with some of the data collected by the State of Vermont that showed more and larger fish in this section of the lake than in previous years, and it is an under-fished area! Also, the deep section of water between Butler Island and St. Albans Town has been producing some good lakers as well as salmon.


The big LCI Derby is coming this week and lots of fish will be caught and released. Releasing is very important to maintaining a healthy population.

Salmon: Grab them by the tail and they will stop wiggling so you can remove the hooks and get them back into the water. Plunge them headfirst into the water to help give them a jump start.

Lake Trout: If you know you have a small one, bring it up slowly. This will keep the swim bladder from killing the fish. If you can, release them without taking them from the water. For larger lakers that require a net you may notice that they are kind of lethargic. Try burping the fish by gently squeezing the underside of the fish from their vent forward. Make sure to wet your hand prior to doing this so you don't remove the slime from the fish. Once the burping is done, plunge the fish headfirst into the water and watch to make sure it recovers. Remember, time is important and the quicker you do it the better it is for the fish.

Good luck, Good fishin' in the LCI.


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