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Fishin' with Captain Rich Greenough  

Recently I've been asked what I would recommend for setting up a good lake boat.


Probably the most important part on the boat. I can't tell you the times I told friends to make sure to buy a good set of electric downriggers. Although the manual ones are a lot less expensive, the electric ones are much safer and quicker to use. If you get hung-up with the manual downriggers you have to stop the boat and wind up by hand. With the electric model, all you do is hit the button and your done. Not to mention after a few times you'll be too tired to wanna fish. I use Big Jon downriggers because they are simple to use and are well built.


A good quality LCD graph with temperature and speed incorporated in the unit is the best place to start. Lowrance and Eagle both make very good units. No matter what unit you buy make sure it has good resolution. Remember the more it costs the better is works. The Lowrance LMS 350A is a good place to start. It has GPS and sonar capabilities. Combined with a split screen you can keep track of the fish and your location at the same time.

If you are looking for a stand-alone GPS, the Lowrance GlobalNav 310 is a very good unit. The premier unit is the GlobalMap 2000. It has C-Map, GPS and sonar. This makes navigation much safer and straightforward as the C-map lists buoys, points of land, as well displaying your position on the map. This unit is also DGPS ready. (More accurate than GPS)

If you want to run a temperature and speed probe at the downrigger weight, the Fish Hawk unit is the best on the market. It will cost you around $700 but it's worth it because the conditions are often different down than they are up on the surface. Of course this is only a quick guide. If you have "gearing up" questions give me a call or drop us a line here at Harborwatch.

Lake Conditions:

Now that the derby is over the lake has begun to turn over. You can tell when this occurs by the line of weeds and debris on the surface of the water. This will take about four to five days to settle down and the fish may take a little longer to settle in on the bottom. As of June 24, there was a good thermal break at about 40' to 50' where the temperature goes from 54 to 47 degrees.

Lake Trout

The best bottom fishing has been on the NY side. The lake trout should settle down on the VT side in the next week or so. I've still been catching suspended lakers at 30 to 40 feet while fishing for salmon. Some of the best baits have been NK 28's, Epinger Flutter Chucks, and Storm Thunder Stick Jr's.


The last few days the salmon have been doing a very good job of hiding. This is due to the high boat traffic over the last two weekends combined with the lake beginning to turn over. The salmon should settle down very soon but will not be as concentrated as they have been earlier in the year. You will have to be more patient but the results will be worth the wait as the size usually gets better as the salmon begin to scatter. The best baits have been spoons such as the Eppinger Chucklets, Honey Bees, Speedy Shiners and Needle Fish.

After two derbies in two weekends, the fish need some time to calm down. So in a few days, expect things back to normal

Good luck, good fishin'


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