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Fishin' with Captain Rich Greenough

Wow…now that's weather! I've never seen so much mud and trash in the lake this time of the year. This not only has major effects on propellers and other boat parts but it messes up the lake trout and salmon fishing. The fishing conditions are not the best but what makes it worse is all the junk floating down the rivers in the lake making boating dangerous.

The thermalcline has just done its magic and the rivers have dumped a lot of mud and debris into the lake. Both Vermont and NY have been effected. Willsboro Bay is very bad. It looks like a pulpwood pond in the middle. The mud in Burlington is very noticeable, especially when you look at it from Battery Park. It runs from the Winooski River to Shelburne. The mud from Otter Creek has worked it way all the way up the lake to Shelburne Point.

The wind is going to have a major effect on where this debris ends up, but I'm afraid it's going to be around for a while. I've seen whole trees, stumps, partially submerged barrels, and docks-I wouldn't be surprised if you could see a '65 Ford pickup floating by, except they are too rusty to float.

If you do find any fish it will be out in clean water in the middle of the lake. Remember, if you're fishing in Vermont or New York you need a fishing license from that state. Even though that brown line seems to run down the middle of the lake, don't get confused… it's not the border! While we are on that subject. The deep water line between the states is the boarder. Over two-thirds of the lake is in New York State. This means that if you're fishing just west of Juniper Island or Colchester Reef you'll be in New York State.

Lake Trout:

Lake Trout are going to be hard to find on the bottom until the lake settles down from all the mud. This may take a week or so depending on how much more rain we get. You will still be able to catch them suspended, but it will be more hit and miss. But if you do see Lake Trout on the bottom, put something down there quickly as you may pick them up.


The best bet for salmon is the Island Sea and Malletts Bay because the water conditions are much better. Fishing in the Mallets Bay area between Mallets Head to east of the drop off near Mallets Bay Creek should produce salmon. The Inland Sea will be a good place to fish. Find the areas just away from mud slicks.

Bass and Northern Pike:

This would be a good time to try your hand at Bass and Northern Pike fishing. Both Malletts Bay and the Inland Sea are good areas as well as the northern part of the lake. The Northern Pike will be close to weedy areas near drop offs. Try fishing around Butler and Savage Islands. You can get bass in the shallows and pike near the drop- offs. One of the easiest baits to fish is the spinner bait. The colors should be all white, white & red or yellow. Big Mepps spinners will also work well, as these can be cast or trolled. When fishing for Northerns make sure to use a steel leader, their teeth can be killers. You'll need a net, jaw spreaders and a good pair of hook removers to be safe, both for you and the fish.

Next week we'll talk about a jigging technique for lake trout and salmon… really!


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