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Lake Conditions

In the last week we have seen some of the most rain in the shortest time ever… The rain has added almost three feet of muddy water to the lake. As of July 6, the surface was starting to clear but the sediment is still at the lower levels. The only bait fish that we can see are close to the surface and near the shorelines. The fish are in a state of stress and are simply not feeding. This whole situation could turn around tomorrow or it could be next week. This is a hard call because I've never seen anything like this before…ever! The only area that isn't really mudded up is the Island Sea. If you're determined to catch fish this is the best place for the next little while… until the lake begins to clean up. How bad is it? Last Saturday and Sunday, July 4-5, there was only one person fishing in Burlington Harbor.


Best bet is the Inland Sea. Running 50 to 80 feet down along the Cowbanks, early and late in the day, Also the deep-water east of Butler Island. I've been told that its been producing good salmon and even a few brown trout in the last few weeks. Also off of Ladd Point is a good place to look for salmon. If you do locate fish with your sonar try fishing them 10 to 20 feet above where they are. The salmon will see your lures and swim up to investigate. The more they move the more likely they will bite. Salmon are really very smart ya know… they don't like to waste any energy.

Lake Trout

The only area that I've heard that they are still catching lakers is by Split Rock and portions of Whallon Bay near Essex New York. Your best bet is to fish suspended. Run a probe down to locate the temperature break. This portion of the lake is very deep and the temperature break is usually closer to the surface than in other areas. When fishing suspended for lakers run vertical flashers with your release just above your flasher and your bait back four to eight feet. You can run spoons or plugs behind them. Try using the Flatfish X5. with 1/2 inch of the front cut off. Cutting off the front of this lure gives it a tight action, allowing you more latitude in how fast you troll. You can troll at up to 2 to 2.3 knots without having it spin. Cut the lure with a sharp pair of cutters and then file it smooth. Round or flat it will work either way.

Jigging for Lake Trout

Vertical jigging has been around for many years and not many people do it on the lake in the summer time. It is a realistic option to down riggers. One of the main requirements is calm water and holding yourself still. The best place to do the vertical jigging is in areas where it is hard to run down riggers, such as rough and uneven bottom structure. There are many locations on the lake that fit this style of fishing. One of the lures that I like the best is a 1.5-oz airplane jig. Most colors will work well. When jigging in water deeper that 50 feet it is good idea to use a low stretch type of line such as kevlar or spectra. This will allow you to get a good set. At times you will be fishing at over 100 feet.

Next week we will go into more detail along with pictures.

Good luck and good fishin'…


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