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Who and What is LCRC


The Lake Champlain Racing Conference (LCRC) is an organization sponsored by local yacht clubs for the purpose of coordinating a lake-wide yacht racing series.  These races are for keel sailboats, twenty feet and longer, which are handicapped under a locally governed Performance Handicap Rating Formula (PHRF).

The fleet is divided into four spinnaker classes and a non-spinnaker (JAM) class according to their PHRF rating.  Boats in each class race with individual class starts and appropriate course lengths.  A variety of boats compete in each class, offering a diverse yet competitive format. The series consist of four Saturday regattas held over the summer sailing season. (See schedule on the reverse side)  Prizes are given to reward superior results, including the "Cannon" for the winner in Classes A & B (Division I), the "Goose" for the overall winner in Classes C & D (Division II), and the "Hawk" for the top boat in the JAM fleet.

      More than just another sailboat race!


The after race parties hosted by the sponsoring clubs are legendary. The Sailing Center Challenge feast is planned at the Lake Champlain Community Sailing Center. The Malletts Bay Boat Club continues it's traditional Royal Savage Saturday cookout. Valcour Sailing Club has entertained our racers with a variety of quality feasts after the Mayor's Cup. Plans for the party after Odziozo are in the planning stage. Come and join the fun, LCRC is more than just another sailboat race.

Need More Information? Call:

              Ed Trombley 518-563-7128 VSC

            Mark Grosby 802-496-5658 LCYC

Bob Goodwin 802-425-4005 LCRC


How to Participate

  1.  Join the Lake Champlain Racing Conference

Membership is open to any boat and skipper and crew member with a valid PHRF rating certificate for Lake Champlain.  The membership fee will be $10 for the 2000 season, for which you will receive all race notices and results electronically through your personal e-mail address or via the postings on the Harborwatch web page at www.harborwatch.com/lcrc.  An additional $5 fee will be charged if you wish to have hard copy results sent to you by conventional mail.  Only boats with an LCRC member on board will be scored in the Conference races, so you may wish to have a back-up skipper enrolled should you have to miss one of the regattas.

  2. Obtain a PHRF Handicap rating from PHRF Lake Champlain. Contact:

  Bibs Francis                                          LCYC                                        802-985-8543

Marty Olsen                                          MBBC                                       802-862-4494

Ed Trombley                                          VSC                                         518-563-7128





June 10 Lake Champlain Community Sailing Center Challenge

June 17 Royal Savage Malletts Bay Boat Club

July 15 Mayors Cup Plattsburgh Harbor

Aug 4*  Lake Champlain Race            Malletts Bay Boat Club

Aug. 26 Odziozo Lake Champlain Yacht Club

Sept. 9* Commodore MacDonough Race Lake Champlain Yacht Club


*The Lake Champlain Race Commodore MacDonough Race are not part the regular Cannon and Goose series, but have been coupled together to form a separate long-distance series.

Application for the Lake Champlain Racing Conference


  $10 Membership      an additional $5 to receive mailed copies of results


Name ______________________________

Boat MFG ___________________________

Address ____________________________

Type _______________________________

City _______________________ State____

Boat Name __________________________

Zip Code ___________________________

Sail Number __________ PHRF _________



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