Some imagine their wedding in a beautiful church, others like myself on the other hand, always dreamed of beach weddings. I find beach weddings to be the most beautiful! My parents got married on a beach as well, and the photos are gorgeous. Flash backs of my family eating seafood, they all savored buttery crab legs, brought on that "home" feeling every time!

I was memorized by it all, hearing the waves crash. Smelling the fresh salty sea air, and feeling the warm summer breeze blow on my face. Those were pleasures I wanted to express on my wedding day. As a child, my sisters and I would always have fun finding and collecting sea creatures like star fish and baby crabs every summer.

As I got older, the scenery became more special to me. I found laying on the beach, reading my wedding books and soaking in the sun to be super relaxing!

Being engaged for a little while now, it was time for me to start planning my wedding in detail. I needed to find a wedding planner that could turn my ideas into something magical. A few beach weddings I read about were done at crane beach, mass...its covered in soft white sand. Another nice place that seemed appealing was Lake winnipesaukee New Hampshire. The pictures showed a clean, peaceful, and enjoyable location. I knew my day was going to have to be on the most breath taking beach.

Within a few weeks, I was working side by side with my wedding planner.

We went over which type of photographers I wanted for my engagement photos. I knew that it had to be done the very same beach I were to be married on. I picked out a hardworking college student who was recommended highly from other couples. We met in person, I was amazed by how nice her portfolio was. Full of fantastic engagement photos. I was drawn to the black&white photos she had taken on a beach in Hawaii. They were just the type of engagement photos I loved for my own.With having the wedding planner, photographer, and all the decorations ordered I was pleased everything was going according to plan. Next on the list was arranging services from a Boston caterer. Catering prices can be costly, its smart to go down personally to discuss business on your wants and needs off the catering menu. Best part of this all, is getting to try aged wines and expensive decorated cakes from the catering menu. There are a wide range of samples. I even got to try some tasty crab legs, and wild salmon made from incredible chefs. I made special requests from the catering menu such as shrimp salad, lobster tail, and of course crab legs.A timeshare rental on Cape Cod would be another great savings through a timeshare resale company. My day was not only going to be perfectly what I wanted but also bring a big smile upon others when they see and taste everything!  


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