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Lake Champlain PHRF Reverses Genoa Size Decision

Marty Olsen reported that he received nearly 40 e-mails in a 24 hour period concerning the committee's decision to change the maximum headsail size from 153% to 155%.

According to Olsen, "Many of these (e-mails) have been harsh, personalized towards me, and making claims which are not true regarding both the LCRC Board, and the PHRF Committee. Based on these responses I contacted Mark Grosby, Commodore of LCRC, and Ed Trombley who was on the PHRF Committee last season. Ultimately Ed stated one thing which brought this issue to heart. If making the change from 153% to 155% causes even one sailor to stop sailing in the big boats then we are acting counter productive to our basic mission.

The Commodore of LCRC concurs with the following decision. In this case, the membership has spoken, and overwhelmingly endorsed staying with the 153% standard. Hence, we shall retain the 153% standard until further notice. In the event a change is endorsed at a later date, we shall institute a one year notification period."



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