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Transient Dock Planned
Lake Champlain Transportation Company
LCT Docks
Burlington, VT

The Lake Champlain Transportation Co. (LCT) has submitted plans to the Agency of Natural Recourses; Water Quality Division to built five 30' finger docks in Burlington Harbor. The docks will be constructed this winter and installed by the beginning of the boating season.

The docks are intended to satisfy the need for additional access to Burlington by transient boaters. The dock will also allow LCT excursion vessels safer access for the loading and unloading of passengers.

The docks are to be constructed of pressure treated wood with plastic barrel floats. The main dock will be attached to the existing steel bulkhead and will be installed so as to raise and fall with the lake level. The fingers are to be attached by a 3000lb. concrete block at the end of each dock. Two piling clusters are to driven off the most southerly face of the dock to provide for docking assistance for larger vessels. Dredging will not be required. 



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