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1941 - 1996 photo halleck cummings

Tuesday February 20th 1996 was a cloudy day with a warm fair southerly breeze breaking a long spell of freezing weather, the first hint of spring.

Halleck Cummings set sail for the last time on February 20th 1996. He left behind many that loved him, and Harbor Watch will miss him.

For the year Halleck Cummings was editor for Harbor Watch, He was Harbor Watch. He started writing "scenes from the lake" in '94, and a deep love for Lake Champlain came across every week. Anybody who saw him driving around in his TR-6, with the top down could see he was having the time of his life. When I passed the "harbor watch press car" and saw Halleck with his hair flying it would always raise a smile.

Halleck loved sailing his boat "mountain dancer" and many got to know him and the "yellow school bus" as he traveled the lake covering stories for the newspaper. Halleck was a true free spirit with a poetic soul. You can see it and still get to know Halleck in back issues and republications of "scenes from the lake" - where Harbor Watch first met him.

From: "mountain dancer goes for the bubbly"
As we went past the committee boat for our finish, we inquired about our position. Dave Ellis, the race chairman assured us that we had the champagne firmly in hand. With that good news we sailed over to the Boat Club to receive our hard won prize and the tumultuous accolades that would salute our effort. The other racers did not disappoint us. The Harbor Watch racing team was the first to get their prize. The only thing was, they kept referring to "mountain dancer" as the school bus. But, as they say, "winning is everything".




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