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Sail City Challenge Update - 1/8/96

In spite of the less than optimal sailing weather in the Burlington area, the preparations for February's Sail City Challenge in Miami continue. The following information has recently been released:

  • The actual race dates will now be February 15 to 20, 1996.
  • The participating twelve cities have all announced their final helms-person decisions. Andy Horton is to be at the helm of the Burlington boat.

The "notice of the race" has been published by David Dellenbaugh and it contains some very interesting information.

  • The courses will be windward - leeward with short legs and multiple laps. "gate" marks and downwind starts and finishes may be used.
  • Total crew weight is limited to 875 nude pounds. A not entirely unrelated piece of news is that "the olympiad" fitness center in South Burlington has donated its training facilities to the Burlington team to ensure that everyone is at the peak of physical readiness for the event.
  • The 1996 Experimental Right-of-Way Rules and Definitions will replace Part IV and the relevant sections of Part I of the IYRR.
  • The scoring system is the most interesting announcement. It will be an escalating high point system where each successive race counts for more points. That is in Race 1, one point will be awarded for each boat beaten. The points will increase so that by Race 15, fifteen points will be awarded for each boat beaten.

    Burlington to Compete in Sail City Challenge - 11/15/95



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