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It's official...

As reported in the Burlington Free Press 3/7/98

On March 6, President Clinton signed into law a bill giving Lake Champlain official designation as one of the great lakes.

According to Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy "This is not going to send map makers scurrying to their drafting tables. Practically speaking, when it comes to counting the Great Lakes, New Englanders will continue to count to six and Midwesterners only to five. But who knows about school kids in the next century."

Ohio's representative Steve LaTourette was quoted as saying "If Lake Champlain ends up a Great Lake, I propose we rename it 'Lake Plain Sham'". Representative Latourette is co-chairman of the Congressional Greats Lakes Task force.

Editors note:
We acknowledge that Lake Champlain is tiny compared to even the smallest of the traditional great lakes. Lake Champlain's greatness comes from its historical importance and unique setting. Get out a chart of Lake Michigan near Chicago and find a natural harbor where you can drop the hook and just relax... Size is only one dimension of "Greatness"...

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