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May—June 1997 Lake Champlain's Newspaper Volume 6 Number 3

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MBBC Coffee Pot
The "Phantom" Wins!

Chilly weather cools off season opener!

by the Harbormaster

Rod Carr's J-80, "Phantom".... a new dimension in Class B.

he newest addition to the MBBC fleet captured the coveted Coffee Pot Trophy. Rod Carr sailed his J-80 to an easy victory on Malletts Bay on Sunday. The weather was less than cooperative with the start of the first race delayed for two hours. Several of the boats in the small fleet decided to call it quits just before the wind filled in from the northwest. With temperatures in the low 60’s, the Coffee Pot lived up to it’s reputation of begin the “warm up race” of the season. (Sorry!)

Bill Fastiggi and his faithful companion George (Woof!) served as Race Committee. Equipped with the Sunday Burlington Free Press and cellular phone, Bill patiently waited for the wind to fill in from the northwest. George and Bill set a short triangle course just off Coats Island in the inner bay. This short course style of racing puts a premium on boat handling skills and less on boat speed. With the crews trying to get the bugs worked out there were many words spoken at or above the conversation level........ “Bad to the bone..... I’m guilty as charged.”

The winning boat, the J-80 “Phantom” was conceived as a high performance, easy to sail sport boat. Equipped with an asymmetrical spinnaker, retractable bow sprit, 100% jib, and roller furling the J-80 is fast (PHRF 117) and easy to sail with a small crew (4). On their first outing Rod Carr and his crew, Jeff Tempelton, Alan Ouellette, and Fritz Senftleber were particularly fast on the reaching legs of the course, easily out distancing the competition who were using conventional spinnakers.

"Results" wins second race.

Ken Signorello sailing “Results” captured the second race with a non-contested start in class C. The “Results” crew was seen practicing on Friday evening. Affectionately know as the “P” word, Signorello has to realize that race preparation, and pre-race practice is against the “racers code”. “Thou shall not conceive of or participate in any form of “practice” toward the goal of improving skills, except during a sanctioned race”. The actions by the Signorello crew clearly ignore the “racers code” and thus the most basic rule in sailing. (Sportsmanship and the Rules — Competitors in the sport of sailing are governed by a body of rules that they are expected to follow and enforce. A fundamental principle of sportsmanship is that when competitors break a rule they will promptly take a penalty or retire.) I guess we need a new definition for the “P-flag”.

Todd Cox and "Goodwood" show strong speed potential .

“Bark-Ode” the fractionally rigged J-29 sailed by the team of Browne—Gardner sported a near mast head spinnaker the size of a J-33. Although she showed moments of brilliance, the crew was unable to make the necessary adjustment to effectively use the large spinnaker. There is some conjecture that “Golden Dazy” may loan them one of her old spinnakers...... Damn the asymmetrical spinnakers..... full speed ahead!


Race 1            
Skipper Boat Class Sail # finish elapsed corrected
Carr Phantom J-80 25321 12:36:16 0:33:16 0:30:20
Gardner-Browne Bark Ode J-29 32096 12:37:10 0:34:10 0:31:28
Cox Goodwood Kirby 22200 12:38:00 0:35:00 0:31:38
Signorello Results J-24 3300 12:45:03 0:37:03 0:32
Dickerson Bolero CS 27 22820 12:49:26 0:41:26 0:36:24
Race 2            
Signorello Results J-24 3300 13:42:33 0:36:33 0:29:50
Carr Phantom J-80 25321 13:36:23 0:35:23 0:30:42
Gardner-Browne Bark Ode J-29 32096 13:36:21 0:35:21 0:31:01
Dickerson Bolero CS27 22820 13:46:18 0:40:18 0:32:16
Cox Goodwood Kirby 2220 13:39:16 0:38:16 0:32:52



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