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March 1996 Lake Champlain's Newspaper Volume 5 Number 2

Sports Features News Editorial


Welcome Back Gardner!


et me take this opportunity to welcome myself back.
"welcome back Mark, Glad to have you back onboard. I'm looking forward to working with you".
"Thanks, and I'm sure glad to be back!."

Those who remember Harbor watch's earliest days may recall my "unique" sense of humor, such as equating sailboat racing with burning leaves (you had to be there). In my absence, Harbor watch has grown from a nice experiment into a legitimate news source. I'm proud to have been a part of that growth, and look forward to it's continued success.

Now that the pleasantries are finished, let me get to the point.

Give me them good ole' days, when big government was appreciated, and any problem our society had could be cured by dumping huge sums of "free" money on the problem. In the sixties there was the War in Vietnam, the war on poverty and two unlighted buoys on Colchester Shoal.

In the seventies we still had the War in Vietnam, but poverty had been eliminated, and replaced with John Travolta reruns of "Welcome Back Cotter", and two "hard to see even during the daytime" buoys on Colchester Shoal.

In the eighties we built the Vietnam War Memorial, watched reruns of John Travolta in "Saturday Night Fever" and the two buoys on Colchester Shoal have been painted green to blend in with the allege blooms in August.

Now we're halfway through the nineties, big government has been dismantled and the Coast Guard spent a better part of a year renumbering the buoys on the lake and picking up old batteries while NOAA announced that they are going out of the chart business, believing that the private sector will do a better job and Colchester Shoal still collects it's victims each year.

Maybe the relationship is just too symbiotic to understand fully but if Colchester Shoal was appropriately marked there would be fewer accidents permitting the Coast Guard to reduce staffing thus lowering the deficit and reducing the size of government.

But what the heck Colchester Shoal is covered by a foot of ice, and I think I'll just stay home this weekend and watch John Travolta in "Pulp Fiction".



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